Alternative Treatments for Prostatitis

alternative treatments for prostatitis

Alternative treatments for prostatitis include drug-free treatment options for chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). As CP/CPPS usually requires a multimodal approach for success, you may try many different alternative treatments for prostatitis as well as incorporating some of the natural treatments such as supplements and dietary changes. You may also employ some of these methods for symptom relief if you are suffering from have bacterial prostatitis, but as 90 to 95% of prostatitis cases are diagnosed with CP/CPPS, many of these therapies are geared toward helping men with CP/CPPS.

Some of the alternative treatments for prostatitis simply help with symptoms, while others target pelvic tension. Pelvic floor disorders account for about half of the cases of CP/CPPS. Certain treatments help relieve pelvic tension whether the cause of the tension is psychological or physical. You will need to be patient with some of these treatments. Many are not an overnight solution. A problem that has had year in the making will not instantly go away, but with patience and persistence and the right training, you may be able to permanently eliminate your source of pelvic pain. There are several types of alternative treatments for prostatitis and pelvic pain. Read more on Natural Treatments for Prostatitis

Alternative Pain Relief


Pain medications come with side effects and are not supposed to be taken long-term; so many men look to more natural and alternative ways to deal with their CP/CPPS pain. Some of the methods that may work for pain relief include acupuncture, heat therapy, sitz baths, ice packs, and even using pillows or cushions when you sit to relieve the pain and pressure. Water induced thermotherapy is another method. These methods can be used in combination with other treatments, and that is how most men find success.

Alternative Pelvic Tension Relief

Approximately half of the CP/CPPS cases/causes are the result of pelvic floor disorders or pelvic tension. Many of the causes stem from problems outside of the prostate itself and involve the muscles in the pelvic area. Some of these problems have been getting worse over time, and may take a long time and commitment on your part to resolve. Alternative methods for dealing with chronic pelvic tension include trigger point release therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and intrapelvic physiotherapy, which are also components of specific programs such as the “NPAT” CPPS treatment program, the Wise-Anderson Protocol, and the Renew XY Health Program for Men. Other ways to relieve tension are biofeedback, prostate massage, high frequency stimulation, reflexology, and even stress management techniques.

Alternative Psychological Methods

Sometimes the brain can contribute to pelvic tension. Some men carry their stress in their neck and get headaches. Others may subconsciously carry their stress in their pelvic muscles, leading to feeling like they have a “headache in the pelvis.” Cognitive behavioral therapy and stress management techniques, such as meditation, can help relax those muscles. These therapies can also be used in conjunction with other methods to release pelvic tension, and some of the pelvic treatment programs incorporate a mental health component into the program. Some men find that exercises help relieve stress and tension. Yoga and tai chi are particularly helpful.

Other Alternative Prostatitis Treatments

probiotics for prostatitis

There are other alternative therapies that can help with CP/CPPS. These involve a holistic approach to prostatitis and all-over body wellness. The “NPAT” CPPS treatment program is a holistic approach to pelvic tension that incorporates natural treatments, phytotherapy (including probiotics) alternative treatments, and total body lifestyle changes. Probiotics are an important daily supplement because gut health is connected to prostate and pelvic health. Ayurvedic medicine has been used for many years to help men with their prostate health. Weight loss helps promote prostate health as well. Homeopathy is an alternative treatment that some men try as is hormone therapy. Avoiding chemicals that are associated with causing prostatitis is a good idea too.

The important things to keep in mind about alternative treatments for prostatitis is that you many need to employ several of them and that you may need to be patient with some of the programs. Pelvic tension is not going to go away overnight. But if you are diligent and are open to new ideas, you can find relief through alternative and natural methods without subjecting your body to side effects from more traditional medicine. Read more on Natural Treatments for Prostatitis