Products and Devices to Help With Prostatitis

Products and Devices to Help With Prostatitis

If you are suffering from prostatitis pain, take comfort in knowing that there are a variety of products and devices to help with prostatitis and assist your with healing and relieving pain. These products range from cushions and pillows that can help make sitting more comfortable to supplements you can take to medical devices that can be used to help manage your pain at home.

External Devices

External products and devices can help you manage your prostatitis symptoms. You might want to try applying either ice packs or hot-water bottles to your perineal area to relieve pain. There are companies that make cushions and pillows for prostatitis. The cushions and pillows that are designed for prostatitis may have a depression where the prostate area would rest and can be taken with you to places where you might sit for long periods, like sports games, religious services, restaurants, flights, etc. Many fold up and have a convenient handle for carrying. You can search online for prostatitis relief seats and cushions that are made specifically for relieving the pressure of prostatitis pain. Some seats are even designed to align and angle your spine to help with any lower back pain as well.

Internal Devices

About half of the chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) patients have pain related to pelvic floor muscle disorders, weaknesses, and tension. Sometimes trigger points form in the muscles. Trigger points are painful and tight areas of muscles that are stressed or injured. There are therapies that involve applying pressure to these points to release the tension. Some of these muscles can only be reached internally, and for these sometimes a wand is more effective or preferable to using a finger.

Several different healing programs may train you how to use these devices so you can continue treatment at home. The Wise-Anderson Protocol, the “NPAT” Treatment Program for Prostatitis, the Renew XY Health Program for Men, and intrapelvic physiotherapy may all involve trigger point release methods that can incorporate wands such as internal trigger point wands, crystal wands, and TheraWands. An Internet search should give you several options for purchase.

The Renew XY Health Program promotes a “whole body” approach to heal men’s pelvic pain and pelvic disorders. The program includes exercises and pain relief methods that may include several devices and instructions that you can order from their Web site. To learn more about the XY Program you can visit here to get information about the program and worksheets. If you are interested in the healing tools such as the Theracane, foam roller, crystal wands, stretch wraps, or other tools that can be used with the program, visit here.

Depending on your symptoms you may find the best relief from combining several different type of products and devices to help you manage your prostatitis. It can take time to for you to heal, but many experts agree that a multimodal approach using multiple treatment methods is the most successful plan for resolving prostatitis symptoms.