Neutrophil Dysfunction and Prostatitis

Neutrophil Dysfunction and Prostatitis

Neutrophil dysfunction is a condition in which immune system cells called neutrophils do not function or respond properly. Because neutrophils are critical for healthy immune system functioning, neutrophil dysfunction can lead to a variety of health problems. One theory is that chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) may be one of those problems caused by a neutrophil dysfunction. Other related chronic prostatitis causes are autoimmune disorders, mast cells, and inflammation.

Neutrophils are the most common type of white blood cell, making up about 50–70% of all white blood cells. They are the first responders whenever there is an infection in the body. The main job of neutrophils is to destroy bacteria and other invaders that cause infections. Neutrophils achieve this task by ingesting the offending organisms.

A number of experts suggest that some men may develop chronic prostatitis because their neutrophils do not respond properly to an infection that has affected their prostate gland. Bacteria that may normally reside in the prostate may not create a problem in a man with a properly functioning immune system, but men with a neutrophil disorder, the inability of the neutrophils to do their job results in chronic inflammation, and thus CP/CPPS can develop. Why neutrophils fail to function properly is not completely understood. Neutrophil dysfunction is likely a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Factors that may lead to neutrophil dysfunction include diabetes mellitus, ethanol, hemodialysis, extensive burns, and other conditions.

If you suffer from chronic prostatitis caused by a neutrophil dysfunction, you may not be able to fix the dysfunction, but you can look to natural and alternative prostatitis treatments to help boost your immune system and offer relief from prostatitis symptoms. Keep in mind that you will get the best results from combining multiple therapies and lifestyle changes. Look to phytotherapy for chronic prostatitis or Dr. Geo’s CPPS Treatment Program. Consider supplements and changes to diet.

Alternative prostatitis treatments for symptom relief include sitz baths, prostate massage, stress management, Ayurvedic medicine, and acupuncture. Probiotics can help you balance the good and bad bacteria in the body. Be aware that besides prostatitis, neutrophil dysfunction puts you at risk of other infections such as bacterial and fungal infections and skin infections.